Jo is a kind and genuine experienced holistic practitioner who can help you to progress in life regardless of what's affecting your health and well being. Jo's expertise and abilities in energy medicine can help to identify areas which are an issue  and help to 'smooth' the way so you are able to 'get on with life' feeling as happy and healthy as possible. PH

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What can kinesiology and energy medicine address?

  • asthma

  • eczema

  • hayfever

  • migraine

  • ibs

  • poor sleep

  • support through cancer treatments

  • support through cardiac rehab

  • sadness from bereavement and  separation

  • ME

  • low mood

  • recovery from surgery

  • anxiety

  • PTSD

As kinesiology isn't a talking therapy it is sometimes a good way to address an issue for people who struggle to discuss what they are feeling or experiencing.


Please fill out the form below to get in touch click here or Call me on 07769512427 for a chat about how energy medicine might be able to help you or your family member




Cherry Burton East Yorkshire & Via Skype

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