Jo is a kind and genuine experienced holistic practitioner who can help you to progress in life regardless of what's affecting your health and well being. Jo's expertise and abilities in energy medicine can help to identify areas which are an issue  and help to 'smooth' the way so you are able to 'get on with life' feeling as happy and healthy as possible. PH


Appointments are at my ground floor treatment room in Cherry Burton. Please allow plenty of time - two hours for a first appointment and an hour after that - if further work together is needed.

  • Young people under 16 should be accompanied by an adult with parental responsibility

  • Energy medicine normally requires low numbers of sessions most often just one to address an issue but this can be determined more exactly at the session itself - it will always be kept to the minimum necessary

I am always happy to chat through or email about your particular concerns to see if energy medicine is the right route for you.

Fees per session

Initial assessment and first session £65 (usually 1.5 to 2 hours)

Follow up appointments £50  (Usually 1 hour to 1 hour  15 mins)

Animal companions by donation only.

 Find me at: The Treatment Room at 24 Highgate
Cherry Burton HU17 7RR.
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